Time I have left

I'm traveled east towards that light of which I have heard so much.  Towards that beach where he pulled out his Deardorff and began to shoot in color and away from the black and white of his street photography.  Provincetown.  That place where light became his subject in new and different ways.  It was 1977 when he made his first visit to this tiny sliver of sunrise and sunset, so different from where I live; a place where we wait till the end to pay homage to the synodic day.  In 1977 I was graduating and transitioning from one life to another, a life that has held many incarnations, some good and some not, regardless, they are mine to own, and each has taught me a valuable lesson that has led me to this place.  I come here to learn, to grow,  to compete in the betterment of myself in the time I have left.  This is what I worked towards all those years, the chance to become the best version of me.