Portals: On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

It has been one of the lessons of my life that when one window closes, another opens.  As I began to study that which drew me photographically, I realized that windows were a recurrent theme.  Learning and growing in photography taught me about internal framing and the importance of perspective.  A window, by definition, is a limited perspective.  I have spent time thinking about indoors and outdoors and the transitions between them.  Part of my journey had me living in places where a good portion of the year, I was behind a window protected from the elements.  When the time presented itself to choose where I would live, I wanted a place where I lived most of my life outside, that the windows and doors were forever open, and an endless horizon line was my companion.  I have come to understand, that my perspective as a photographer, in essence, opens windows for others to see the world and themselves in a new light.  So I close with gratitude, our time together with a selection from my collection of windows hoping that you, the viewer, have seen my work in a new light.  I hope you will follow me @ablackbirdsphoto as I continue my photographic journey.  Thank you very much to On Center Gallery for this immense honor.

Downfall: On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

Water management, not a sexy term at all, but an essential part of life in California.  Plagued by droughts, and the subsequent and notorious fires, rain is like gold, and has, as a result,  played a central role over the last years in my consciousness and my photography.   I attempt to create disciplined shots within challenging conditions often using raindrops as a bokeh of sorts, blurring and whitening elements of the photograph as featured in the Unhappy Camper Series.

Winter comes like a river, an atmospheric river of long narrow flows in the sky and  I wade in this river of winter.   Early mornings of dark stumbling hoping the rains came or that the mist hangs heavy in the canyon, I search favorite haunts for ambiance.   Through the diffused light of this whitewashed morning and the raindrops on my window, I smile at the message "slow down" wanting to relish each instant of this and each day that follows, banking all the good things someplace deep where it will join my spirit and forever be a part of me.