Submerge: On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

As a photographer, I am fascinated by the unlikely marriage of water, and a camera and I find myself drawn to photographs of this precious resource since returning to California permanently after a decade of commuting to Texas.   I am inspired by the manner in which water catches the light and bends it into abstraction changing white balance creating otherworldly moods to fascinate me and showing life between worlds.  Water is central to my daily cadence in this seaside community,  something of which I am always aware, and so it is featured in much of my work.


I enjoyed spending time with friends in beautiful Santa Barbara and being a part of a morning practice.   Team USA and  Bob Between Worlds are from a series shot in my mornings with the Masters Swimmers.     Bob Between Worlds placed in the Artcore LA 2018 show and the @photoplace gallery's  Water show juried by Ann Jastrub.  Team USA placed in the California Open 2018 juried by Kim Abeles.