Portals: On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

It has been one of the lessons of my life that when one window closes, another opens.  As I began to study that which drew me photographically, I realized that windows were a recurrent theme.  Learning and growing in photography taught me about internal framing and the importance of perspective.  A window, by definition, is a limited perspective.  I have spent time thinking about indoors and outdoors and the transitions between them.  Part of my journey had me living in places where a good portion of the year, I was behind a window protected from the elements.  When the time presented itself to choose where I would live, I wanted a place where I lived most of my life outside, that the windows and doors were forever open, and an endless horizon line was my companion.  I have come to understand, that my perspective as a photographer, in essence, opens windows for others to see the world and themselves in a new light.  So I close with gratitude, our time together with a selection from my collection of windows hoping that you, the viewer, have seen my work in a new light.  I hope you will follow me @ablackbirdsphoto as I continue my photographic journey.  Thank you very much to On Center Gallery for this immense honor.