On Center Gallery

Thank you to On Center Gallery in Provincetown, MA for asking me to take over their social feeds for the week. I am honored.

The selections featured on Instagram @oncentergallery come from collections and projects that are ongoing, my travels and my ordinary life.  Many of you know that each year I select a project and this year's project has centered on the elusiveness of time, evanescent, vanishing like vapor before us along a trail from instant to infinite. Two thousand and eighteen was a threshold year for me in many ways, and as I crossed a Rubicon of my own making, I did so with the certainty that if I am to make myself available to the goodness the universe has to offer, I must make conscious choices about how I spend my time. The featured photo of me was taken by the incomparable Sam Abell who has inspired and guided me,  in company with others, in my photographic journey.  I love this photo for the memory of our time together.  Photography is one of the greatest gifts I ever received, and it has changed everything in my life, from my awareness and how I see things, to how I value the moments in my life.  The lexicon of photography has become my internal language.  It reflects the poles of my mind (black and white) and the search for the shades in between (grayscale).  The bokeh of my landscape as I journey to areas where I have little depth.  Me, exposed, navigating a curious life, finding my focal points.  It is a language that transcends my photographic life.  It is merely the language of life.