Light Time: On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA

Light Time

One day while researching time and considering how I spend mine chasing light, I happened upon the term Light Time defined as the time required for light to travel from any specified heavenly body to the earth.  I took most of the photos featured in Light Time pre-dawn in the dense atmosphere of early full moon mornings. In these early mornings, I am struck by how far the light has traveled to give the otherworldly glow seen in many of the photos in this body of work.   As a photographer, I am always chasing light of some kind.   I know how the light falls in my house depending on the time of day and the season.  I also know it for my favorite places in my little beachside village (very similar to Provincetown), restaurants and friend's homes.  I am always looking for light.  Street lights, candles, laptops and cell phones, holiday lights, and windows are just a few sources that illuminate the collections in my portfolio. 


Speaking of "heavenly bodies," this series opens with a snapshot of one of the curator's of On Center Gallery, Scot Presley during a visit to the @lagunaartmuseum during a show at the end of 2017 as he visited my home and studio in Laguna Beach.