Time for Gratitude

I am grateful for friends who make this journey with me, who watch me falter yet still to choose to encourage me, who believe in my possibilities, who keep me focused on the essential things, who teach me, share in life's joys and sorrows, and help me every day to be better.

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That Precise Moment

Tucked over behind the electric grid, underneath the bridge that would take you from downtown Dallas to Kessler, was a curio shop brimming with trinkets. The second room to the left, after entering the store, was chock full of vintage Christmas ornaments grouped beautifully by color. I remember an entire table of eggshell blue ornaments on one side of the room, and on the other, a display of dusty pinks and gold, and that precise moment when that became one of my favorite color combinations. I spent hours wandering the shop and more hours picking through the holiday treasures of that little room.

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Pocket of Time

Those small windows of time that go unnoticed in the overall flurry of a day; the ones that seem to happen between that which I should do and that which I want to do, between that which is expected and that which is not. I find these pockets are where, if I am aware and present, the universe tends to me. It is where the lightness of life resides - where kindness appears like the sunburst that shines for just a moment through the smallest window of my room.

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I revel in an instant - mindful presence, seizing the fleeting moment, asking your mind to fill in the sensory blanks. Mine is an exploration of purpose and meaning, strung lovingly with snapshots of time from the instant to the infinite with people I love, connecting time, recording it, puzzling it together into a massive joiner of my own creation.

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