The days have been inspiring pulling me from my studio to the beauty of crowded beaches chock full of tourists visiting this most beautiful part of the world.  Cloudless blue skies, sparkling seas, and pale sands dotted with visitors invariably lead to summer snapshots, the day's perfection lacking in photographic interest save for the sheer memory of it all, this is the vacationer's kinship, recapturing idyllic youthful days.  I, a local, sit there observing from my vantage point of perpetual vacation.  It is the stuff of dreams. On this beach, laden with tourists, immersed in the faint smell of sunscreen, sea, and sand,  that I remember my summer holidays with my family - most notably my brother, who became, for that week each year, my sole playmate.  I would never have expected then that those moments would become so treasured now.  And so I sit here camera in hand, looking for similarly fleeting instants that declare themselves too infrequently now as the years between the girl I was and the woman I am widens.

Earned Pauses 2-3.jpg