Alone Time

Alone time is defined as time spent by an individual or a couple apart from others I need some alone time to think things over.
I am thinking about spending time alone and the difference between being alone and being lonely. I have a collection of photographs that celebrate the quiet rush of wonder and peace in time alone. In a distant corner of a park filled with children, a stranger sits peacefully alone. The shadow of his foot the only telltale sign his legs are crossed in a manner befitting a gentleman. The hunch of his shoulders and his white hair evidence of the passage of his time. He has chosen a chair in favor of the garden bench, an indication I surmise of both comfort and appropriateness. Light and shadows are his only apparent companions, save me watching from behind. The central tree stands as the boundary between the instant on the right and the infinite possibilities on the left. The path snakes through the clearing and further into the garden, and all that waits there,  ice cream cones and swing sets, bocci ball and tennis courts, honey bee hives and families buzzing around. He has chosen this place where the quiet solitude of the clearing consorts with his thoughts. It is peaceful. It deserves respect. I have never thought of him as anything but content in his corner of the garden. Quietly I turn around and head the other way sharing with him an unspoken understanding of the power of solitude in connection with nature. Engaged, mindful and aware, I make my way elsewhere.

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