The Weekend

There are fresh flowers on the table for the weekend.  We have a spectrum of chilled wine in the cooler, white, red and pink.  We have arranged meals including one night where he will cook for us, so that we can stay in, properly catch up, giggle and be completely silly without attracting too much attention.  The guest bed, the one Angie refers to as the cloud, has freshly laundered sheets.  We replenished that particular little corner where we hide the chocolate since Mark ate all of it last time he stayed here.  We are ready for you my friend.  Ready for you and your friend, who I will soon count amongst mine as well.  That's how it goes, this network of relationships that started years ago in that little village in Mexico.  I think of you last week rolling through the  New Mexico countryside with your sidekick.  Or staying in the welcoming warmth of their home, those two who share their lives so openly.   I want to hear all about your adventures and how you are coping with changes your life has delivered this year, to share in the growth.  We have so many experiences yet to have.  It's time to plot and plan new expeditions and adventures because the moments we have are priceless and I want as many as I can have.

IG week 3 July-2.jpg